Web Site Design

Does your web site work, or does it just stand there looking pretty?

Every business web site has a purpose: to sell, to support, to inform. Wire Creative believes that good web site design should aid the fundamental purpose of the site, not distract from it.

Whether you are starting a new site from scratch, revamping or rebranding an existing site, adding functionality, or stepping out into new areas like social media, Wire Creative can design a web presence for you that is smart, contemporary and fits your company's personality -- but more importantly: serves your purpose.

The fundamentals of graphic design may be the same across different media, but good web design requires special attention paid to considerations that are foreign to print media: it needs to be flexible.

Whereas traditional print and graphic designers can faithfully mass produce exact results with fixed content on identical canvases, web site designers live a turbulent world of uncertainty, where each viewer brings their own canvas and content is in a constant state of flux.

Web site designs need to stretch, contract, flow and interact with a variety of sometimes stubborn technologies. And then the web site's visitors bring their own set of complications, from monitors of different sizes, resolutions and color representations to a plethora of web browsers, which vary from version to version and allow the user to override font faces and styles.

Wire Creative knows web design, and knows how to take the wild, ever-changing world of the web into consideration during the design process, so they can present a final product that looks right and works.


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